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Proven to result in significant gains
 in your clubhead speed!FaeasFASTFIRST =FFFAST

  I Teach

     Clubhead Speed

What Our Players Say...

Often people have asked us to create a video DVD. We have said for many years that if you could learn golf and improve by reading a book or watching a video, surely everyone would be playing a lot better by now.

In golf, one size does not fit all. Nothing replaces personalized, individual instruction.

There is only ONE you!

It's also been tempting to create some sort of cheap 
FastFirst "lite" - to make our concept "more accessible ". After much consideration we decided that sort of compromise would also compromise the program. There is no "quick fix". To affect change requires effort and dedication. Only then are true and lasting results possible.

Private Instruction at the Ben Jackson Golf Performance Center

Players from out of the area begin by working a minimum of one day and preferably another day or half-day with Ben. 
Local players start with a half-day and may return on an on-going basis.

Instruction is customized to your schedule and travel convenience. All learning takes place within a one-on-one environment with Ben himself.

While here players learn the concepts, the exercises, the drills, and significantly improve acceleration, tempo, and clubhead speed. Just as important, players leave with the blueprint for continued learning and improvement.

Finally a program of improvement that rewards the player in direct proportion to his or her diligence in training!

Coaches ask us to do two things:

Things we can't do and those things we don't want to do - and those are the two reasons we have to have them!

FastFirst is about clubhead speed, distance and ball command, but it’s more than just that.

It’s a holistic style of play.  It’s never just about smashing driver, it encompasses every club, an attitude of attacking the golf course, of never backing down, never giving in, and never surrendering. 

FastFirst changes the game into a sport, and changes your life.  You are no longer just a player, you become a golf athlete.  You go from common to uncommon.  You dare to be different because you strive for excellence.

FastFirst takes you from bad to good, good to great, and great to elite.  We are not training to be mediocre or to keep up with the Joneses.  We are the Joneses!


Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Our representative in Korea and Asia is Mr. Dono Kim. Please contact him at

"I've been doing my training and swinging with speed on the course. There is no question that something different is happening. My clubhead speed, distance and command are significantly better. These are certainly an improvement. I will keep at it...Gains in length and ball command are not limited to your driver, but work through every club you carry...My irons are killer...”,  

                                                            Olin Browne,

 winner of the 2015 Champions Tour Greater     Gwynnett Championship. Previous winner of the U.S. Senior Open and three other PGA Tour events.

Hi Ben, I look forward to seeing you and Barbara again. The end of last season (after seeing you in early Sept) was probably the best I ever played.   Confidence and performance were at a peak.   I was playing like a 3 handicap within a month. 

                                                 B. Greene, IL     

"One of the best golf experiences I have had...Got so much out of it and enjoyed the process...Easy to follow and apply...enjoyed spending the time..."

                                             Stephen Aumock, 

                                                      Director of Instruction,

                              Gleneagles Country Club, Plano, TX

.have been teaching golf for 25 years, and one question came up from my students time and time again: How do I develop more clubhead speed?

That was a question I had a hard time answering because I simply could not find any legitimate explanation that I felt comfortable giving to my students.

That is until I was introduced to Ben Jackson and his FastFirst program. Being a skeptic by nature when it comes to golf instruction, I spent several hours on the phone with Ben asking questions and playing devil's advocate.

Ben answered every question and also proved to me why his program works,both scientifically and bio-mechanically. That was enough for me.

I began studying, learning and working within the program myself. It wasn't exactly easy, but it was fascinating, almost addictive.

I began implementing FastFirst into my program in May of 2012, and the results have been phenomenal.

Students are swinging the golf club faster and hitting the ball farther in a shorter period of time. What truly blew me away was that by working on speed how quickly the mechanics of the golf swing improved, both the physics and the geometry. Through his program Ben has also helped me become a better coach. He has given me the ability to bring out the best in my students.  

FastFirst is cutting edge technology that I believe will change the golf instruction industry. I am blessed to be associated with Ben Jackson and FastFirst - and , more importantly, so are my students. Thank you, Ben.
                                         Rob Noel, PGA
 Rob is a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, a two time Golf Digest Best Teacher in Louisiana, Gulf States PGA Section Teacher of the Year, GRAA Top 50 Teaching Professional

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Swing the club faster-fly the ball further.What a concept.

Regardless of playing experience or age, we empower players to improve. I give them the "right" to be good at this sport.Your golfing life will change for the better.

Powerful shots require clubhead speed.

Today golf is a sport - a power game. By taking advantage of today's equipment, we're capable of significantly lower scores by producing longer, more accurate ball flight. What we know as ball compression.

Studies over the past decade have clearly shown that the greatest advantage enjoyed by elite players over others is that elite players generate greater distance thus produce lower scores. Compared to an accomplished amateur, even the average tour player has a 25 to 35 yard advantage swinging a driver.

It is puzzling to me that in a sport that demands the longest ball flight, producing distance is discouraged, neglected and  misunderstood.

Powerful shots are the result of clubhead speed transfering energy to the ball - not strength, not flexibility and no, not even swing mechanics.

Only speed is speed and that's what I coach. My program results in significant gains in clubhead speed. In my program clubhead speed comes first, thus FASTFIRST.

The key to distance and accuracy is ball compression, and the key to ball compression is clubhead speed.

My players improve - they lower scores - because they shorten golf courses with longer, more effective ball responses.

Golf skills are not innate. Skills are learned. Speed is a skill.

My program is not limited to long-drive professionals - everybody can learn this!

The vast majority of players already have better swing skills than they think, yet their scores don’t reflect their skills because they’re cautious, afraid to miss, slow, and short.

The Genius to Learn, Train, Practice and Perform is within You, the Player.