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    Distance + Accuracy

Coaches ask us to do two things: Things we can't do and those things we don't want to do - and those are the two reasons we have to have them!

Yes, FastFirst is about clubhead speed, distance and ball command, but it’s more than just that. It’s a holistic style of play. It’s never just about smashing driver, it encompasses every club, an attitude of attacking the golf course, of never backing down, never giving in, and never surrendering.

FastFirst changes the game into a sport, and changes your life. You are no longer just a player, you become a golf athlete. You go from common to uncommon. You dare to be different because you strive for excellence.

FastFirst takes you from bad to good, good to great, and great to elite. We are not training to be mediocre or to keep up with the Joneses. We are the Joneses!

This is from an article written by Ben Hogan:


Easing up on power brings only trouble. Control comes as a result of long practice. The best way to attune muscles to the golf swing is to let go with full power on every practice swing. At contact with the ball the clubhead must be moving as fast as possible while still being under control.

Too many beginners worry about direction. Control comes with lots of practice. There is no short cut to it, so the beginner should go after power first. Don’t be afraid to hit the ball hard on the practice tee.

Forget trying to be a “picture” swinger”. Being able to get distance from the tee makes rhe game that much easier. That is a good thing to remember.

The ground-breaking book by Dr. Mark Broadie, Every Shot Counts (Gotham Books 2014), through meticulous research, explodes the distance/accuracy myth.

  • All else being equal, longer than average pros score better than straighter than average pros. For pros, driving distance is more important than driving accuracy. To be ranked among the top drivers on tour, distance matters more than accuracy.
  • For amateur golfers, driving distance is even more important for driving accuracy. (FastFirst offers both)
  • Intuition may suggest that long and wild go together, but, looking across a range of golfers from amateur to pros, a clear pattern emerges: longer hitters tend to be straighter hitters.
  • Arnold Palmer’s father, Deacon’s, swing advice to a young Arnie was simple and direct: “Hit it hard boy. Go find it and hit it hard again.” That was good advice then, and it’s still good advice today.
Phone: 860.460.4798