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Often people have asked us to create a video DVD. We have said for many years that if you could learn golf and improve by reading a book or watching a video, surely everyone would be playing a lot better by now.

In golf, one size does not fit all. Nothing replaces personalized, individual instruction.

There is only ONE you!

It's also been tempting to create some sort of cheap FastFirst "lite" - to make our concept "more accessible ". After much consideration we decided that sort of compromise would also compromise the program. There is no "quick fix". To affect change requires effort and dedication. Only then are true and lasting results possible.

Private Instruction at the Ben Jackson Golf Performance Center

Players from out of the area begin by working a minimum of one day and preferably another day or half-day with Ben. Local players start with a half-day and may return on an on-going basis.

Instruction is customized to your schedule and travel convenience. All learning takes place within a one-on-one environment with Ben himself.

“Walk in our door and you’re going to gain clubhead speed.”

Players learn the concepts, the exercises, the drills, and significantly improve acceleration, tempo, and clubhead speed. Just as important, players leave with the blueprint for continued learning and improvement.

Finally a program of improvement that rewards the player in direct proportion to his or her diligence in training!

Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Phone: 860.460.4798