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    Why FASTFIRST JetSpeed?

Swing the club faster-fly the ball further.What a concept.

Regardless of playing experience or age, we empower players to improve. I give them the "right" to be good at this sport.Your golfing life will change for the better.

Powerful shots require clubhead speed.

Today golf is a sport - a power game. By taking advantage of today's equipment, we're capable of significantly lower scores by producing longer, more accurate ball flight. What we know as ball compression.

Studies over the past decade have clearly shown that the greatest advantage enjoyed by elite players over others is that elite players generate greater distance thus produce lower scores. Compared to an accomplished amateur, even the average tour player has a 25 to 35 yard advantage swinging a driver.

It is puzzling to me that in a sport that demands the longest ball flight, producing distance is discouraged, neglected and misunderstood.

Powerful shots are the result of clubhead speed transfering energy to the ball - not strength, not flexibility and no, not even swing mechanics. Only speed is speed and that's what I coach. My program results in significant gains in clubhead speed. In my program clubhead speed comes first, thus FASTFIRST. The key to distance and accuracy is ball compression, and the key to ball compression is clubhead speed.

FastFirst Golf JetSpeed is different. Our intent is always BEYOND IMPACT. The great improvement of our players clubhead speed and length proves that different is good!
Everything the golf club and the player do after the moment of impact has no influence on the flight of the golf ball. The hay is in the barn. But, the intent BEYOND IMPACT influences the backswing, transition, the downswing, shaft flex, the moment of truth, the follow through and the finish. Intent creates motion!
Golf is a striking sport. A very savvy golf professional has said that if you swing a golf club at nothing, you get nothing-no strike-no feedback.
We understand that in training players for the development of clubhead speed, length and ball control, you have to have the resistance of impact and that resistance has to be significant. A golf ball isn’t enough-it doesn’t “shock” the system. In addition that resistance must be safe and must allow you to swing to finish.

My players improve - they lower scores - because they shorten golf courses with longer, more effective ball responses. Golf skills are not innate. Skills are learned. Speed is a skill.

My program is not limited to long-drive professionals - everybody can learn this!

The vast majority of players already have better swing skills than they think, yet their scores don’t reflect their skills because they’re cautious, afraid to miss, slow, and short.

The Genius to Learn, Train, Practice and Perform is within You, the Player.


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Congratulations to FastFirst Japan Team Leader Yoshie Koyama. Yoshie received the LPGA 2017 International Section Junior Golf Leader award. 
We were proud to welcome former US Open Champion and World Golf Hall of Fame member Tom Kite.
Now playing the Champions Tour, Tom came here to increase his clubhead speed and length.
The world is getting smaller. Five South Korean professionals learned FastFirst via Skype with the help
of our collleagues June Lee and Ken Kim. Next up, Japan.
IMG 5920
Congratulations to FastFirst player Kevin Riley who won the Metropolitan PGA Section Assistant Tournament.
He has also qualfied for the New York Open.
Kevin wins
Kudos also go out to FastFirst-er Awesome Burnett of Flower Mound, Texas.
Awesome won the Jerkyll Island Cup, his second US Kids Golf Regional Championship.
Shooting back to back 71's, he won by two strokes.


Phone: 860.460.4798